About Us

The idea for the Raintree grew out of a perception that the food sector in Mercara was a woefully neglected area. While it is a burgeoning area, especially with the growth of Mercara into a relaxing tourist destination , incredibly, the quality of food being doled out has never risen above the mundane and at its best - average. At the Raintree , we believe that this need not be so!

Keeping prices low does not automatically translate into low standards of cooking. We are of the firm opinion that, if we can do the job right and if we source the right ingredients, we can provide a wholesome, delicious and healthy option to our customers. At the Raintree , we guarantee fresh, healthy and flavourful Indian Cuisine made from scratch using the best possible ingredients and at price points that you’ll find more than reasonable.

So the next time you feel that pang of hunger and have a hankering for some Indian food, think of the Raintree and we will be happy to take you on a culinary journey with us – all from the comfort of our very own home! Bon Appetite